Harnessed and ready to climb

At Wall-Nut Creek your progress is paramount. We offer a wide variety of instruction in rope work and technique to help you get as far along as you want to go.

Rock Climbing I: $20

This class is for beginner climbers. We will cover the basics of movement, gear, and gym safety. You will also learn how to “spot” other climbers in the bouldering areas. The cost of the class also includes your day pass, shoe rental, and belay time. Rock Climbing I is available during gym hours without an appointment.

Rock Climbing II: $35

Rock Climbing II is geared towards the climber that wants to learn how to belay and use the top ropes in the gym. The class will cover the equipment needed for rope climbing, understanding the rope safety system, how to tie in to the climbing rope, and belaying. Your day pass and equipment rental are included in the cost of the class. This class is available every Wednesday at 7pm or by appointment. Prerequisites: None

Lead Climbing I: $50

Lead Climbing I is for climbers who are ready to take their climbing to the next level. In this class you will learn the basic skills needed to lead routes protected entirely by bolts, indoors and out. These skills include knowledge of lead climbing equipment, understanding fall forces, clipping technique, lead belaying, and anchor cleaning. This class is available by appointment only. Prerequisites: WNC Belay Card, and successful completion of a climbing skills test.

Top Rope Anchors: $100

Climbers interested in taking their climbing outside should check out this class. Top Rope Anchors covers the skills needed to safely build anchors using trees and the rock. You will learn how to select the correct anchor points, two and three anchor equalization, how to safely approach the cliff edge and how to rappel. You will also obtain a general knowledge of outdoor climbing safety. The class will take place at an outdoor climbing area that is most convenient for you. Rental equipment is available upon request. This class is available by appointment. Prerequisites: WNC Belay Card

Ice Climbing I: $40

If you want to try ice climbing, then this is a great place to start. Ice Climbing I will teach you about the equipment needed and the correct way to efficiently climb ice. You will get to climb our 25’ foam “ice” wall to hone your skills and get you ready for the real thing. You will also learn how to climb rock with ice climbing equipment. Ice tools and crampons are provided, but you will need to bring hiking or mountaineering boots. Classes start in late October. Prerequisites: WNC Belay Card

Ice Climbing II: $80

Ice Climbing II is for the climber who wants to get outside during the winter months. In this class you will learn about water ice formation, how to set up top rope anchors above ice climbs and how to safely climb water ice and mixed rock. This class is available by appointment as soon as the local ice is safe to climb. Gear may be available for rental, but it is preferred that you have your own. Prerequisites: WNC Belay Card, Completion of the Top Rope Anchors class (or pass a Top Rope Anchors skills test), and Ice Climbing I (or pass a skills test).

“A big thank’s to Ash, Emily, and the whole Wall-Nut Creek crew for your teaching & support in all of our climbing pursuits!” -Corey & Alicia

Private Instruction: $25 per half hour

If you are looking for instruction in aspects of climbing not listed in the other classes, this is the route to go. Climbers looking to improve their skill level can benefit from instruction in movement, footwork, balance, or just being shown moves they wouldn’t figure out on their own. WNC can even develop work outs to help get you off that dreaded plateau.
Contact WNC to set up a class time.